FollowCol Dashboard

is the App for creating a personal Dashboard to keep all your SharePoint information in one place. FollowCol Dashboard is the fastest way to get to your SharePoint documents and data and is available from the Microsoft Office Store as a SharePoint Add-In. Increase productivity and leverage the power of SharePoint and Office 365 with FollowCol Dashboard.


  • Access to all your documents and other information throughout SharePoint from one place, saving you countless hours of searching and re-searching for " your stuff"
  • Quickly find SharePoint sites, document libraries, and lists and select which columns to follow
  • Follow Methods to specify how you want to follow your information including Document Library, Data Grid, Statistics, and Charts (look for more in the future)
  • Document Library Follow Method to slice and dice document libraries into small views so you can get to your documents fast, including your OneDrive documents
  • Customizable Dashboard with BI features including advanced filtering, searchable grids, analysis, charts, document tree and cards card view, and more
  • One click/touch access to your most important information from any device

Why FollowCol Dashboard?
Basically, so you don't have to find it twice. Find it and Follow it. It's like browser bookmarks for your favorite data. The concept is simple, the app is simple. But the power of information at your fingertips is priceless.

Also, you can pick how you want to follow columns using Follow Methods. Current Follow Methods are Data Grid, Statistics, Trend Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, and Bubble/Scatter Chart. We are constantly brainstorming and developing new Follow Methods to increase the power of FollowCol Dashboard. Let us know if you have suggestions for new Follow Methods!
How to Get FollowCol Dashboard?
FollowCol Dashboard is available from the Microsoft Office store as a SharePoint App (aka "Add-In"). FollowCol Dashboard is available for free trial and after that on a subscription basis.
 There are 2 SharePoint versions available - FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant) and FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Site).
  • FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant) allows tenant administrators to install FollowCol Dashboard in a way that makes the app available for use in multiple Site Collections in the SharePoint tenant. FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant) is more powerful since you can Follow columns from any list or document library in your tenant.
  • FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Site) allows site collection administrators to install and use FollowCol Dashboard on a site-by-site basis.
Both versions feature the ability for users to follow lists on Lists
In addition to SharePoint lists and document libraries, FollowCol Dashboard can follow columns from lists on provides access to a growing list of relevant information in various categories from within the FollowCol Dashboard App. The lists are constantly monitored and updated in order to remain relevant. We also add lists frequently so if you have a suggestion for a list on then let us know!
Enterprise Custom FollowCol Dashboard
Custom versions of FollowCol Dashboard can be built for Enterprises and Government that to enable FollowCol Dashboard to follow your columns/lists. These lists will appear on the Find Lists tab allowing users to follow your company lists (which conform to FollowCol Dashboard's OData endpoint specification). Users can add these FollowCol's just like others, utilizing the FollowCol Dashboard data filtering engine, and have them appear on the My FollowCol's and dashboard views.

In addition, your developers can create custom Follow Methods that plug into the FollowCol Dashboard framework.

Contact us for details and pricing.