The Dashboard displays the results of your FollowCols according to the Follow Methods selected and the data filters applied to that FollowCol. The Dashboard is the default view when you start the FollowCol Dashboard app and it will first check if you have specified a Top 10 FollowCol list and will display those FollowCols. If there is no Top 10 specified it will default to the Last 10 modified FollowCols.

Navigation and Device / Screen Size

The FollowCol dashboard adapts to the current screen size on all devices. Navigation of FollowCols/Follow Methods is also optimized for the device size. On larger screens you have the option to show FollowCols on the left side -- "Left Nav" -- or at the top of the screen -- "Top Nav" -- which provides more viewing area for the dashboard. On smaller devices top navigation is the default but left navigation is still available to use. When left navigation is used on smaller devices the "Left Nav" will pop down so you can select a FollowCol/Follow Method but, once a FollowCol is selected, the left navigation will be hidden and top navigation will take over again. This maximizes the viewing area and optimized navigation on small devices. When top navigation is used the FollowCols and Follow Methods can be scrolled left-to-right or swiped left-to-right on touch devices.

TIP:   On small devices the dashboard will default to showing only one Follow Method at a time. If you want to show all Follow Methods simply click on the FollowCol name again.

Flow Layout vs. List Layout

The Dashboard has 2 layout modes: Flow Layout and List Layout. Flow Layout optimizes your dashboard to fit more information on the display by allowing Follow Methods to display adjacent and flow around each other based on display size. List Layout displays Follow Methods top-to-bottom, taking up the entire width of the display. List Layout is a good choice, for example, for large data grids, very dense graphs, or several documents in "Card" view. Note that on medium to small devices Flow Layout will display the same as List Layout since the display size cannot fit adjacent Follow Methods.

TIP:   In desktop browsers with larger displays use the "zoom out" option of the browser to show a high-level view of your dashboard and to see more of your dashboard on the display.

SharePoint Document Library and Folder Support

The Document Library Follow Method is very powerful and provides you with different ways to filter and visualize your documents for fast access. You can view your documents in a grid, tree view, and/or card view and you can set different filters for each view. Color indicators can be used to allow you to find your most recent documents very quickly. There are several filter options including file type, folder, modified/created date, user, and version. See the Document Library Follow Method for more details.

SharePoint Lists and Columns Display

FollowCol Dashboard supports many, but not all, SharePoint lists and column types. Generally, SharePoint lists and column types that are not supported by FollowCol are not available for selection on the Add FollowCol screen. However, it is possible that some lists and columns will still make it to the Dashboard and despite lack of full rendering support. In these cases the Dashboard will attempt to display the data using a default display method in the Data Grid Follow Method. In most cases, if the data does not display correctly for a column you can simply remove the source column from the FollowCol using . In some cases though you may need to delete the FollowCol altogether.

SharePoint Lookup Column Support

FollowCol Dashboard handles the display of Lookup columns differently than the list view created in of SharePoint. Instead of a separate column for each lookup column from the remote list, the Dashboard combines all lookup columns from a remote list into a single column in the Data Grid Follow Method. This is depicted in the image below where the remote list is "Colors" and there are 3 lookup columns - Color of Product, ID, and Created.

NOTE:   Lookup columns cannot be used as a data series in the chart Follow Methods even though they may be of Number type.

NOTE:  There are some limitations on applying data filters on lookup columns and it is recommended to check the Data Grid results carefully when filtering on lookup columns.

SharePoint Managed Metadata Support

FollowCol Dashboard mostly supports the display of SharePoint Managed Metadata columns. Specifically, the Dashboard supports the display of Managed Metadata columns where the option "Allow multiple values" is selected as depicted in the image below (taken from the SharePoint List Add/Edit Columns screen).

If "Allow multiple values" is selected, the FollowCol Dashboard will display all the Managed Metadata Terms in a comma separated list in the Data Grid Follow Method as depicted in the column "Metadata Col Fiscal Month Multiple Values" in the image below.

If "Allow multiple values" is not selected, the FollowCol Dashboard will display a link "Get Term" which can be clicked to retrieve the Managed Metadata term as depicted in the column "Metadata Col Tech Support Product Single Value" in the image below.

NOTE:  Lack of full support for single value Managed Metadata columns is currently a technical limitation and will be monitored for a potential fix in future versions of FollowCol Dashboard.

Toolbar Options

The Dashboard Toolbar has options that make it easy to view or configure additional information about the current FollowCol displayed on the Dashboard, including links to the source site and source list. Some of the options are dynamic based on the the type of Follow Method selected.

  • - view the data filters applied for the current FollowCol
  • - options for opening documents for the Document Library Follow Method
  • - add data labels to chart Follow Methods (except Pie Chart)
  • - toggles all toolbar panels on/off
Below shows the options for the Document Library Follow Method and for the chart Follow Methods that support data labels.

Document Library Follow Method

Chart Follow Methods

Screen Shots (click image for full view)

Dashboard - Document Library

Dashboard - Bubble Chart

Dashboard - Task List

Dashboard - Small Device/Screen View

Dashboard - Chart with Data Labels

Dashboard - Large View