Browser / Device Support

As a web application, FollowCol supports many browsers and devices. FollowCol Dashboard has been tested on recent versions of Internet Explorer (9, 10, 11), Firefox, and Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 is not supported. FollowCol Dashboard has also been test on recent versions of Windows devices (Phone and Tablets), iPhone and iPad, and Andriod devices.

NOTE:   On some smart phone devices that have a very small viewing area the top menu and toolbar will wrap to the next line causing them to overlay the main area of FollowCol Dashboard. Generally, if the width of the viewing area is less than 375 then you will need to use FollowCol Dashboard in landscape mode. To find out the size of the viewing area on your device use the Help "About FollowCol Dashboard" menu option.

Given the numerous devices available it is possible FollowCol Dashboard does not function properly on a given device. Let us know if you are having issues with a specific device at FollowCol Dashboard Support.