Document Library Options

When viewing the Document Library Follow Method the Dashboard provides which allow you to specify how to open files when clicking on a filename link.

Doc Options

The options allow you to specify how FollowCol Dashboard should try to open Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) when clicking on the filename link on the Dashboard and also whether to open (any) files in a new tab/window. This option can be very helpful since the device/browser that you are using for FollowCol Dashboard may or may not have Microsoft Office installed and it may not be default to the correct behavior resulting in errors when opening these file types.

The options allow you to select a preference on how to open Office documents per device / browser. "Device" really means a specific browser on a desktop, tablet, or phone. So, for example, if you use both Internet Explorer and Chrome on the same desktop, each browser can have its own setting. These options initially default to the User Option setting "Open Office Documents and Files Default" but can be overridden on the Dashboard for each device that you use.

  • Device Default - use the device / browser default handling of Office documents
  • Office Client - always attempt to open Office documents in the Microsoft Office Client Application; if the user has permission they can then select edit the file
  • Office Web App - always attempt to open Office documents in the Office Web App; if the user has permission they can then select to edit the file in the browser or in the Office Client application
  • Open files in new tab/window - for any file type, open the file in a new tab/window so FollowCol Dashboard is still available in the browser

TIP:   For Microsoft Office documents try different options on devices where you are having problems. "Office Web App" is usually a good option since the file will be opened in the browser and from there you can choose to simply view the file or edit the file in the browser or in the Office Client. Note that Office Web Apps are always available in Office 365 but may not be available for your SharePoint on-premises installation in which case another option should be selected.

NOTE:   The Dashboard Document Library Options panel uses cookies to save your selections so that you can specify different options for different devices/browsers. If you delete your cookies the Dashboard option for the current device will revert to your User Option setting.

NOTE:   The options for opening Office documents on the Dashboard are separate from the SharePoint Document Library option "Opening Documents in the Browser" which controls how Office documents are opened when accessed directly from within the Document Library.