FollowCol Dashboard End-to-End Process

The process is simple – Find, Filter, and Follow.

Use the top menu to navigate within the FollowCol app. Each of the main screens also has a toolbar below the top menu with options specific to that screen.

Add FollowCol - Use the Add FollowCol screen to find columns to follow, set column data filters to narrow down and focus on the information most important to you, and then select one or more Follow Methods to select how you want to follow the columns. You can use up to 5 Colored Tags to categorize your FollowCol. Once added the FollowCol becomes part of your FollowCol list.

My FollowCols - The My FollowCols screen allows you to quickly find a set of FollowCols by filters such as Top 10, Last 10, and Colored Tags and then send the FollowCols to the Dashboard.

Dashboard - The Dashboard displays your FollowCols and their selected Follow Methods providing you fast access to information that is most important to you.