Large Lists

Large lists are a consideration built into the FollowCol Dashboard design. The ability to display FollowCols and the various Follow Methods on the Dashboard as fast as possible is critical to the effectiveness of FollowCol Dashboard. FollowCol Dashboard aims to increase productivity and waiting is not productive.

So what is a large list? It depends on whether the list is from SharePoint or the list is from

SharePoint Large Lists

For SharePoint lists, FollowCol Dashboard takes the approach of Office 365 SharePoint in that 5000 items in a list is considered "large", which is also the default for on-premises installations of SharePoint. For lists greater than 5000 items, the SharePoint List View Threshold is in effect. Generally this means when querying lists and document libraries you must reduce the results returned to be less than 5000 items by using data filters on indexed columns. In addition, if you decide to sort the results you must also use an indexed column and there are certain other query restrictions such as not being able to "OR" columns together, even if they are both indexed. If the requirements of the SharePoint List View Threshold are not met the FollowCol Dashboard will display the following message:

In practical terms, 5000 items is generally a lot of data to work with at any given time and it is best to filter the data to view only what you want. For more information on SharePoint Large Lists and the List View Threshold see Manage lists and libraries with many items .

NOTE:   The Add FollowCol screen will provide the following warning when adding a FollowCol from a SharePoint list or library that has more than 5000 items: Large Lists lists use the same concept as SharePoint in that lists have a List View Threshold. However, each list can have a different List View Threshold. You can view the List View Threshold for a list from the list information page on this site. In the FollowCol Dashboard App there are various links to list information including the Dashboard List Info toolbar option, My FollowCols All Info toolbar option, or from the Add FollowCol screen by clicking on the list link on the Find List tab.

If the number of items returned in the Dashboard results reach the List View Threshold limit a warning similar to the following is displayed:

NOTE:   A similar message is displayed for on-premises installations of SharePoint, where the List View Threshold can be increased above 5000 items but FollowCol Dashboard will still only render the first 5000 items on the Dashboard.