My FollowCols

The My FollowCols screen contains all the FollowCols which you have created and enables you to quickly find a single FollowCol or a group of FollowCols using Top 10, Last 10, Tag Color, Tag Name, or Find by keyword. You can click on a single FollowCol name or Follow Method to open just that FollowCol in the dashboard. Alternatively, you can select multiple FollowCols by using the check boxes in the first column and then click from the toolbar to view the selected FollowCols on the Dashboard.

Dashboard Mode and Edit Mode

My FollowCols works in 2 modes, Dashboard Mode and Edit Mode. Dashboard mode is the default and enables you to quickly find FollowCols and then click . Edit Mode enables you to set your Top 10 FollowCols and Edit, Copy, and Delete FollowCols. Switch between modes by clicking the and buttons. In either mode the All Info toolbar button will show additional information about the FollowCol including the data filters set, links to the source site and list, and the modified date.

NOTE:   Deleting a FollowCol is a permanent action and there is no "undo" or recycle bin. Therefore be careful when using Delete.

Top 10

Edit Mode enables you to set your Top 10 FollowCols for quick access and sorting on the Dashboard. Although you can set just your top 10 FollowCols, Top 10 is flexible in that it allows multiple FollowCols to have the same position. For example you can have three FollowCols as #1. This allows you to have a Top 10 list that is greater than 10 items and allows you to group FollowCols of identical priority, if desired. FollowCols in the same Top 10 position are secondarily sorted with most recently modified FollowCols on top. To save your Top 10 click the "Save Top 10". from the toolbar.

Filtering FollowCols

Use the Filter bar to filter FollowCols by Top 10, Last 10, Tag Color or Tag Name You can enter multiple tag names. For example, the filter below will find all FollowCols with yellow tags named "help" or "projects". Last 10 filters on the last 10 FollowCols modified/created.

Each time you filter the FollowCols are auto-selected so you can simply click to display the FollowCols on the Dashboard.

Find / Paging

Use the Find / Paging bar to find and filter FollowCols by text or page through FollowCols (if you have more than 100 FollowCols paging will be automatically applied). Select the check box in the first column for the FollowCols you are interested in and click .

Screen Shots (click image for full view)

My FollowCols - Dashboard Mode

MyFollowCols - Edit Mode

MyFollowCols - All Information

MyFollowCols - Tag Filters

MyFollowCols - Find FollowCol / Paging