SharePoint Version Support

FollowCol Dashboard is supported on Office 365 SharePoint (aka SharePoint online) and on-premises installations of SharePoint 2013 with SharePoint Server Service Pack 1 or greater and that are properly configured to install and use SharePoint Add-Ins/Apps.

Office 365 SharePoint

Office 365 SharePoint is pre-configured for Add-Ins/Apps and is frequently updated to the latest SharePoint service packs and updates. Generally FollowCol Dashboard functions properly in Office 365 without any special requirements. Note that there are various Office 365 version offerings such as Personal, Business, Enterprise which change relatively frequently. FollowCol Dashboard should function properly with all Office 365 offerings that include SharePoint (identified as "Intranet site for your teams" on the Microsoft site). If you are having any problems with a specific Office 365 offering please contact us.

SharePoint on-premises

For on-premises installations FollowCol Dashboard requires SharePoint 2013 with SharePoint Server Service Pack 1 or greater. FollowCol Dashboard requires JSON Light which was released as part of Service Pack 1 in March 2014. Depending on your environment and how you install Service Pack 1 you made need additional configuration to "activate" JSON Light. Please refer to the links below for more information:

SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 now available

How to turn on and off the multiple metadata formats for JSON in SharePoint Server 2013

FollowCol Dashboard detects if JSON Light is not installed or configured properly and will display the following message when the App starts: