Data Grid Follow Method


The Data Grid Follow Method display columns in a grid on the dashboard and which also includes "find" feature on the dashboard for quickly finding items.

Multiple Per FollowCol: No



Enter a descriptive title for this Follow Method for display on the My FollowCols and Dashboard screens.


Select which columns to display using the Show column and order the columns using the up-arrow. If you choose to hide a column that has a data filter (on the Columns and Filter tab) the data filter will still be applied in the results of the data grid.

Data Sort

Select a primary and secondary sort for the grid, if any.

Page Size

Select the number of items to display on a single page on the dashboard, which only shows one page of data at a time. Remember that large page sizes can have negative impact on performance on small devices such as phones and small tablets.


Check "Flip Grid on Small Devices" which consolidates all columns of each row to into one column. If checked, when using a small device such as a phone or small tablet, the Data Grid will automaticlly transform the grid into one column containing all the information and can easily be swiped up and down using touch gestures.

Dashboard Display(click image for full view)