Document Library Follow Method


The Document Library Follow Method provides you with various ways to filter and visualize your documents so your most relevant documents are always close to you. This Follow Method has many filter options which allow you to slice and dice document libraries into smaller views so you can get to your documents extremely fast. You can view your documents in a grid, tree view, and/or card view and you can set different filters for each view. Color indicators can be used to keep your most recent documents always within view.

Multiple Per FollowCol: Yes

SharePoint Library Types Supported: Document Library, OneDrive (My Site Document Library), Picture Library, Web/Wiki Page Library Library,

Suggested Use: Add multiple Document Library Follow Methods to create very targeted smaller views for fast access to your most relevant documents. In most cases it is beneficial to use the Color Indicator option "Modified date color indicators" and sort the documents by "Modified" date in descending order.

TIP:   In desktop browsers with larger displays use the Cards View with the "zoom out" option of the browser to show a high-level view of your documents. With the Color Indicator option "Modified date color indicators" option set you can find documents very quickly.

TIP:   You can use the Document Library Follow Method to follow your OneDrive documents. For FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Site) the app must be installed in your "My Sites" site. For FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant) the app does not display the "My Sites" site when searching but you can cut/paste the My Sites URL in the "Select / Enter URL" field on the Add FollowCol screen.



Enter a descriptive title for this Follow Method for display on the My FollowCols and Dashboard screens.

View Type

Select which View to display on the Dashboard.

Grid View
Grid View displays a flat list of your documents in a searchable data grid.

Tree View
Tree View dsiplays your documents in a folder tree with the ability to expand to a specific folder level. Use this view for document libraries that use folders for organization of documents.
NOTE: empty folders that do not contain any documents are not displayed.

Cards View
Cards View displays your documents in a series of panels or "cards" including additional information/metadata about the document. Cards on the dashboard wrap around to maximize the use of your display so you can quickly find your documents.

TIP:   Cards View works very well on mobile devices to scroll through your documents.

Color Indicators

Select "Modified date color indicators" if you would like the dashboard to highlight documents based on the modified date. This allows you to quickly zoom in on recent documents. Documents are highlighted based on the modified date according to the following:

File Type

Select to filter the dashboard to show only these file types.

Columns and Filters


NOTE:   The filters set within Document Library parameters are "secondary filters" to the filters set on the Columns and Filter tab. Document libraries are subject to List View Threshold and it may be necessary to use the Columns and Filters tab to limit the number of documents retrieved from the server. .

File Name

Select to filter documents based on all or part of a file name.

Folder / Document Set

Select to filter based documents within a folder or within a folder and all subfolders. Since Document Sets are internally folders you can also use this to filter Document Sets.

NOTE: Always start folder paths with "/" which indicates the root of the document library

Created, Modified, Other Date

Select to filter documents based on Created, Modified, or other date.

Created By, Modified By

Select to filter documents based on the user who Created or Modified the documents.


Select to filter documents based on document version.

File Size

Select to filter documents based on document file size.


Select which columns to display using the Show column and order the columns using the up-arrow. If you choose to hide a column that has a data filter (on the Columns and Filter tab) the data filter will still be applied in the results of the data grid.

NOTE: The "File Info" for Tree view on the dashboard will show hidden columns.

Data Sort

Optionally, select a sort option to organize the documents.

Page Size

Select the number of items to display on a single page on the dashboard, which only shows one page of data at a time. Remember that large page sizes can have negative impact on performance on small devices such as phones and small tablets.

NOTE: This option does not apply to Tree view.


Check "Flip Grid on Small Devices" which consolidates all columns of each row to into one column. If checked, when using a small device such as a phone or small tablet, the Data Grid will automaticlly transform the grid into one column containing all the information and can easily be swiped up and down using touch gestures.

NOTE: This option does not apply to Tree and Card views.

Dashboard Display(click image for full view)