Statistics Follow Method


The Statistics Follow Method enables you to analyze numeric data including count, sum, average, median, min, and max.

Multiple Per FollowCol: Yes



Enter a descriptive title for this Follow Method for display on the My FollowCols and Dashboard screens.


Select which statistics to display on the dashboard. Note that Count will be calculated and displayed automatically.

Group By

Select a column to group the data by, if any. If selected the data will first be put into groups according to the selected column and then the statistics will be calculated. For example, if grouping by Region the data will be put into groups East, West, North, and South and the statistics will be calculated for each region.

NOTE: the maximum number of groups allowed by the dashboard is 50 and the dashboard will issue a warning if more than 50 groups are found.


Select up to 4 data columns on which to calculate the statistics.

Dashboard Display(click image for full view)