Trend Chart Follow Method


The Trend Chart Follow Method enables you to create trend charts based on a date column and other numeric columns.

Multiple Per FollowCol: No



Enter a descriptive title for this Follow Method for display on the My FollowCols and Dashboard screens.

Chart Type

Select which Chart Types to display on the Dashboard.

Trend Date

Select which column to use as to plot the data over time.

Date Grouping

Optionally, select if you would like the data grouped by Month, Quarter, or Year before the data is charted. If this option is selected you can optionally select to "Average the grouped data" before the data is charted. This can be helpful with large data sets, if it applicable to the data you are charting.


You can choose to select a single data column grouped by another column or select up to 4 data columns to chart versus each other.

Dashboard Display(click image for full view)