List Change Details

Description Change Date
FollowCol version was released on 1/15/2016. Be sure to upgrade to the new app. The 'FollowCol Release Notes' list has been updated with a summary of changes for version 01/15/2016
FollowCol version was released on 11/30/2015. Be sure to upgrade to the new app. The 'FollowCol Release Notes' list has been updated for version 11/30/2015
New list 'FollowCol Release Notes' for you to stay informed about FollowCol releases and the features/updates available for each version. 10/15/2015
New list 'FollowCol Help' which provides help and tips on using FollowCol. 10/15/2015
New list 'Office 365 Links' with categorized links of Office 365 and related Microsoft productivity tools such as SharePoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. 10/15/2015
New list 'Excel Formulas and Functions' provides a reference to learn and use popular Excel formulas and functions that will help make you more productive. 10/15/2015
New list 'United States Federal Holidays' provides a list of United States Government Federal Holidays listed by year and government fiscal year. 10/15/2015
New list 'Loan Payment Calculator' provides a Loan Payment schedule which calculates monthly loan payment for various loan amounts, from automobile to mortgage, and for varying interest rates and loan terms. 10/15/2015
New list 'Measure Converter' which converts measures from one unit to another unit including Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion of lengths, weights, and volume (liquids) to/from metric values. 10/15/2015
New list 'Gratuity' providing a gratuity/tip schedule which calculates tip amount at various service cost levels for quick access to gratuity calculation. 10/15/2015